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Best Trivia Questions For Work Meetings

Best Trivia Questions For Work Meetings [including Holidays and Christmas]

For a fun and simple activity that perfectly suits a workplace environment, nothing quite beats a classic round of trivia! For one, trivia games are a versatile and engaging activity that cater for a wide range of abilities and settings. Not only do trivia games encourage teamwork, they can also be tailored to develop key skills such as critical thinking and decision making. Needless to say, these skills are essential in any business. Therefore, whether it is in the office or at home on a virtual meeting, trivia questions are the ideal team-building activity.

To save you time, we have compiled lists of trivia questions and answers for your next work meeting.


Company Trivia

A quiz is the perfect opportunity to test your employees knowledge on your business. If you have a new employee in your midst, this is a great opportunity for them to learn the ins-and-outs of the company. To make this more competitive, you can divide your co-workers into teams and tally points. For an extra incentive, award prizes for the team with the highest score.


Here are some categories filled with examples of trivia questions you can ask your employees:

General Company Trivia Questions

In order to get the conversation flowing at your next meeting, get started with some basic questions about your company. This exercise may turn out to be a good refresher for yourself or even the CEO! Alternatively, these questions can be presented after new employee induction sessions to help recap company information outlined in your presentation.

1. What is the company motto/tagline?
2. What year was the company founded?
3. What is the closest coffee shop to the office? For a bonus point, how many miles away is it by foot.
4. How many countries do our company operate in?
5. What department occupies the most office space?

6. What charities does the company support?
7.Who founded the company?
8.What is the company’s best-selling product/service?
9.What is the most expensive item in the office cafeteria or vending machine?
10.What is the name of the company CEO?

11. What color is the carpet in the foyer?
12. What was the original color of the company logo?
13. How many Slack channels do we currently have?
14. What is the meaning of our company name?
15. On what floor is the company gym?

2022 Business Roundup Questions

Turn your business review meetings into a fun activity for your team. At your next company meeting, convert your previous year performance statistics into a quiz format for your co-workers to answer. This will both be an entertaining and informative session for all involved!



1. How many minutes (rounded to the nearest hour) did we spend on Zoom calls in 2022?
2. How many new colleagues did we welcome?
3. How many people now work for the company?
4. What was our year on year growth in sales?
5. How many additional likes did we gain on our social media pages?

6. How many returning clients did we have?
7. How many new clients did we welcome?
8. What products did we launch in 2022?
9. What was our most popular service/product in 2022?
10. What percentage of our clients gave excellent customer feedback?

If you have a smaller team, why not give the questions more of a personal touch to encourage bonding with trivia:



1. Which celebrity has (insert name of employee) always wanted to meet?
2. According to a survey from The Ladders, what is the most annoying thing co-workers do at work? They surveyed over 1,200 American workers to find what co-worker behaviors exasperate workers the most. Most states (a whopping 33) find co-workers’ loud volume most annoying.
3. What is (insert name of employee) claim to fame?
4. What is the name of (insert name of employee) pet cat?
5. What is the name of (insert name of employee) childhood stuffed bear?

6. What is (insert name of employee) favorite band/artist?
7. What did (insert name of employee) famously do at the last Christmas office party?
8. What brand of coffee does (insert name of employee) routinely drink?
9. What sport does (insert name of employee) play for leisure?
10. Which of your co-workers has a twin?

Ice Breaker Questions

For a simple start to meetings that requires little-to-no preparation, ask short ice breaker questions. Ideal for Christmas or the run up to the holidays. Thanksgiving long weekend or Independence Day. This is an deal way to get your team communicating and bonding while also being quick and effective. You can even utilise ice breaker questions with a short break for ten minutes to mix up the pace of your workday.

icebreaker trivia

1. What did you have for breakfast this morning?
2. Would you rather be an Olympic gold medallist or an astronaut?
3. What is the worst pick-up line you have ever heard?
4. When you were six years old, what did you want to be when you grow up?
5. If you could have any super human power, what would it be?

6. Describe your dream holiday if money was no limit?
7. Where did you grow up?
8. What is your favorite place to frequent?
9. Which of Snow White’s seven dwarfs describes you best (Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy or Sneezy)?
10, What is the strangest gift you have ever received?

Why not try this trivia instead…

If straight-laced trivia feels too impersonal for your team, below we have outlined a more interpersonal alternative game you can play. It is called two truths and one lie and it is is a quick and simple activity that requires no preparation. For this, all you need to do is ask your team to write or say three statements about themselves, of which one is a lie.


 Ask your team to list two bizarre or fun facts and one that is not true so that the rest of the group has to guess which is fact and which is fiction. For example:

1. I used to live in Oklahoma
2. I was my middle school’s spelling bee champion.
3. I have bowled a perfect 300.

Can you tell which one is the lie? We guarantee you will learn something new about your co-workers – prepare to be surprised at what you may find out!


General Knowledge Quiz

Nothing quite gets the conversation in full-swing like discussing general trivia points. There are many different categories you can explore in trivia games, but to save you time, we have assembled some of the most popular categories included in general knowledge trivia. Quiz Coconut can help you with your own special event. You can use these questions as they are or pick-and-choose questions to create your own quiz for your team. You may find you learn some interesting facts just by perusing the below compilations!


Easy Quick-Fire Questions

It is always a good idea to ease teams gently into any form of activity to boost self-esteem and get the ball rolling. We have assembled below some of the staple quiz questions that are the bread-and-butter of any quizmasters arsenal!

1. What comes next in the sequence 1,1,2,3,5?
A) 3 B) 5) C) 8
2. In which month is Labor Day a national holiday?
A) January B) June C) September
3. How many continents are there?
A) 5 B) 7 C) 9
4. Which state is called the volunteer state?
A) Tennessee B) Texas C) Arkansas
5. What color is the M in McDonald’s?
A) Red B) White C) Yellow

6. Which house was Harry Potter sorted into?
A) Hufflepuff B) Slytherin C) Gryffindor
7. In the movie Good Will Hunting, what college does Skylar attend?
A) Harvard B) Princeton C) Brown
8. Which planet in our solar system is the largest?
A) Saturn B) Uranus C) Jupiter
9. Arnold Schwarzenegger was once the governor of which U.S. State?
A) Florida B) California C) Illinois
10. What does the “E” stand for in “Chuck E. Cheese”?
A) Excellence B) Energy C) Entertainment

Animal Trivia Questions

In the same way that Old McDonald had a farm, every trivia game has some form of animal trivia. If you are on the prowl for animal related questions, then the list below is the one for you. As Dorothy, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow once sang:  lions and tigers and bears – oh my!


1. What is the national animal of Panama?
A) Harpy Eagle B) Spider Monkey C) Tapir
2. What color is the tongue of a giraffe?
A) Brown B) Purple C) Grey
3. What’s a group of kittens called?
A) A Pride B) A Kindle C) A sloth
4. What type of reptiles are leatherbacks and ridleys?
A) Lizard B) Snake C) Turtles

5.Which mammal is known to have the most powerful bite in the world?
A) Hippopotamus B) Jaguar C) Brown Bear
6. The nose of a lion changes color throughout its life, indicating what?
A) It’s Sex B) Fertility C) Age
7. How many noses is a slug known to have?
A) Two B) Three C) Four
8. The famous dog Lassie is known to be which dog breed?
A) Golden Retriever B) Collie C) Spaniel
9. How many legs are on the body of a lobster?
A) 6 B) 10 C) 12
10. What percent does a cat spend its life sleeping?
A) 50% B) 70% C) 90%

Music Trivia Questions

Make your quiz come alive with the sound of music! Get into the groove of work meetings by adding the fun twist of music trivia. To take things up a notch, you can play excerpts of music or even create a related playlist that correlates with the below questions.


1. Who was the very first American Idol winner?
A) Kelly Clarkson B) Carrie Underwood C) David Cook
2. What was Madonna‘s first top 10 hit?
A) Like A Prayer B) Vogue C) Holiday
3. Eminem‘s song 8 Mile is named after a road in which city?
A) Detroit B) Atlanta C) Chicago
4. Who was the first woman ever inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
A) Janis Joplin B) Aretha Franklin C) Dusty Springfield
5. Who founded Motown Records?
A) Harvey Fuqua B) Berry Gordy C) Emil Berliner

6. Rock band AC/DC originate from which country?
A) England B) Ireland C) Australia
7. In what decade was American jazz trumpeter Miles Davis born?
A) 1920s B) 1930s C) 1940s
8. What band is said to have the most number 1 hits of all time?
A) Stevie Wonder B) The Beatles C) Madonna
9.Which US President composed his own “Piano Concerto No. 1”?
A) Richard Nixon B) Abraham Lincoln C) Thomas Jefferson
10. Will.i.am is best known for being part of which hip hop group?
A) Outkast B) Salt-N-Pepper C) Black Eyed Peas


Geography Trivia Questions:

We love geography trivia! Where in the world can you find a compilation of better geography based trivia? Beats us! If you know what-is-what (or in this case, what is where), these geography questions are right up your alley.


1. What country has the most natural lakes?
A) Canada B) Finland C) United States
2. What is the name of the second tallest mountain in the world?
A) K2 B) Makalu C) Mount Everest
3. What is the name of the longest river in the US?
A) Mississippi River B) Colrado River C) Missouri River
4 How many hours are in a day on the planet Mars?
A) 5 B) 15 C) 25
5. How many US states share a border with Canada?
A) 8 B) 10) C)13

6. What American city is the Golden Gate Bridge located in?
A) San Francisco B) New Orleans C) Atlanta
7.What is the capital of the American State of California?
A) Montana B) Sacramento C) Georgia
8. After Alaska, which U.S. state has the longest coastline?
A) Florida B) California C) Michigan
9. What does the “D.C.” stand for in Washington, D.C.?
A) Department of Columbia B) Division of Columbia C) District of Columbia
10. What is the name of the smallest country in South America?
A) Uruguay B) Suriname C) Ecuador


Sports Trivia Questions

Go team! Sports questions are a quiz staple and really get the blood pumping among teammates. Just like team sports, sports trivia encourages camaraderie and sportsmanship all while stoking their competitive fire.


1. Where is the largest football stadium in the world located?
A) North Korea B) Spain C) England
2. What is the record for red cards given in a single soccer game?
A) 16 B) 26 C) 36 (In 2011, referee Damien Rubino set a world record by giving out 36 red cards in a single match between Claypole and Victoriano Arenas).
3. What sporting event is is held every year on Memorial Day?
A) Indianapolis 500 B) Kentucky Derby C) Super Bowl
4.What is Canada’s national sport?
A) Ice Hockey B) Lacrosse C) Cricket
5. Which team won the first ever Super Bowl in 1967?
A) Dallas Cowboys B) Buffalo Bills C) Green Bay Packers

6.Which country won the first ever soccer World Cup in 1930?
A) Brazil B) Italy C) Uruguay
7. Who is the NFL’s all-time leading rusher?
A) Emmitt Smith B) Frank Gore C) Jim Brown
8. How many innings are in Baseball?
A) 7 B) 9 C) 11
9. How tall is a regulation goal in the game of basketball?
A) 7ft B) 10ft C) 13ft
10.In what state is the Pro Football Hall of Fame located?
A) Ohio B) Michigan C) Illinois


Movie Trivia Questions

Lights, camera, action! Make sure that you are the star of your workplace with these movie trivia questions.

movie trivia


1. What was the first feature-length animated movie ever released?
A) The Jungle Book B) Snow White and the Seven Dwarves C) Sleeping Beauty
2. For what movie did Steven Spielberg win his first Oscar for best director?
A) Schindler’s List B) E.T the extra terrestrial C) Jaws
3. What famous L.A. landmark is heavily featured in Rebel Without a Cause?
A) Griffith Observatory B) Dodger Stadium C) Hollywood Sign
4. As of October 2020, What is the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time?
A) Deadpool B) The Passion of the Christ C) Joker
5. Which Alfred Hitchcock thriller is notorious for its shocking shower scene?
A) Psycho B) Vertigo C) The Birds

6. How many Oscars has Meryl Streep won?
A) 2 B) 3 C) 4
7. Which movie has a Starbucks cup in every single scene in the movie?
A) Pretty Woman B) Pulp Fiction C) Fight Club
8. Which was the first movie to go to VHS while still being in theatres?
A) Jurassic Park B) Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace C) Titanic
9. Which is the highest IMDB rated movie of all time?
A) The Godfather B) Schindler’s List C) The Shawshank Redemption
10. Approximately how many languages can C-3PO speak in Star Wars?
A) 3 Million B) 6 Million C) 9 Million

History Trivia Questions

Consider your search for the best history trivia for your quiz event event to be a thing of the past (do you see what we did there?). With these questions, your quiz event will make work office meeting history! Hopefully the quiz will remembered for good reasons rather than being an epic fail…


1.What year was the first iPhone released?
A) 2005 B) 2007 C) 2009
2. When was the first U.S. dollar printed?
A) 1662 B) 1762 C)1862
What year was Facebook created?
A) 2002 B) 2003 C) 2004
3. What was the first American state?
A) Delaware B) Pennsylvania C) Georgia
4. What year did the Mexican Revolution start?
A) 1900 B)1910 C) 1920

5. What year was the television invented?
A) 1927 B) 1928 C) 1929
6. What category was Hurricane Katrina when it made landfall in 2005?
A) Category 2 B) Category 3 C) Category 4
7. What was the previous name for New York?
A) New Londom B) New Amsterdam C) New Paris
8. When Coca Cola was first advertised in 1886, it was advertised as a treatment for what?
A) Exhaustion B) Constipation C) Lead Poisoning
9.The Statue of Liberty was a gift from which country?
A) France B) Germany C) Spain
10.Which country was the first to allow women to vote?
A) England B) United States C) New Zealand

Trivia question compilation:

To save you on hours of  diligent preparation and putting together a quiz for your team, check-out some of these pre-made trivia questions and answers for your work meeting:

1. https://quizcoconut.com/

2. https://www.mentimeter.com/blog/stay-current-with-mentimeter/templates-to-use-at-a-pub-quiz

3. https://readymadephttps://readymadepubquiz.com/ubquiz.com/

4. https://pubquizquestionshq.com/categories

5. https://number42.nl/en/quiz/sample-pub-quiz/

Go Forth and Quiz!


There you have it! We have given you the tools (and hopefully the inspiration) to create your own successful quiz event. Inject energy into your next virtual meeting, social event or team-building day with the above questions and answers. Before you begin, check-out this guide for hosting the perfect trivia event.

Alternatively, if you want to be totally hands-off, hire in a professional quiz extraordinaire, such as the Quiz Coconut team. Our company has hosted more than 1000 successful trivia nights both in-person and online. As true quiz pros, we have hosted entertainment events for  corporate business from the likes of Disney, Facebook, Pepsi and AirBnB.

Our virtual game show style events cater for up to 500 people, engaging them all simultaneously. Find out more about our virtual events: HERE.



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