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Virtual Events That Are Actually FUN!

Make your next online event unforgettable with Quiz Coconut!

Our talented hosts will provide exciting games to strengthen connections within your remote team across the US.

Let’s get started!

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Rated #1 For Online Virtual Trivia Events in USA!

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Inspire Your Work team

Team-building can be boring, especially online. We can show you that it can be different! We can re-engage your isolated team wherever they are in USA, online with trivia events suitable for all.

We set up your virtual or hybrid event and send the links to you. Perfect for a mix of remote and office staff. Have fun with your colleagues, wherever they are in the states, and across the world!

Improve Team Bonds

Lasting 60-75 minutes, this activity strengthens team connections and promotes friendly rivalry, across the United States.

Have people in New York compete with those in Los Angeles. Or have the San Francisco employee partner with your Miami consultant to take on the central team in Chicago!

These online virtual trivia sessions are a surefire way to get people laughing and interacting over the airwaves. Strengthen team bonds and foster some fun competition!

strengthen employee connections!

Hybrid Events - New normal

Talking about trivia events, we hope to be the best provider of virtually hosted fun corproate entertainment in USA! Our team of smashing hosts will arrange fun and inclusive trivia sessions to empower your team connections and help everyone bond. If you are looking for a new corporate events idea to entertain your office or team across the US you can rely on us to bring you the best trivia events from Oregon to Ohio, Nashville to Nevada, Alaska to Alabama!

All of our corporate events are unique, bespoke and memorable! We cater for groups of up to 500 people and are able to entertain them all simultaneously.

keep the variety and engagement high!

Virtually Hosted
Team Building

We hope that times of social distancing and remote work are behind us! But most offices are operating a part-time hybrid model. This can leave team members isolated, so allow us to re-engage them online with quiz events suitable for all. Perfect for a remote workforce, or if you have a mix of home and office staff. We set up your virtual event and send links so you can invite the team.

Our variety trivia event is the most fun you can have on Zoom whether at home or in the office! We’re happy to bring some fun to you in the comfort of your home office. All the fun and mix of an in-person team building event. Challenges, American or global customised content, themed bonuses, and a guide to help you elevate your event. Name That Tune and interactive rounds keep the variety and engagement high! The event runs for 45-90 minutes as you prefer. A Quiz Coconut virtual event will give you the opportunity to bolster team relations and promote some friendly rivalry across the country! You can see your colleague in Washington’s reactions as they get answers right or wrong – these online virtual trivia sessions are sure to put a smile on your team’s faces…

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Typical pricing ($500-1500)


Typical pricing ($750-1500)

Embracing Inclusivity and Sustainability in USA

From the receptionist to the CEO, everyone will enjoy the variety!

We’ve held quizzes for start-ups and retirement parties, American schools and youth fairs. The content covers wide timelines. Our music round features elements from the classical era to current chart hits. The most successful teams usually have a mix of ages.

Is English your second language? No problemo!

Our online team events are suitable for all backgrounds and nationalities. The US is a diverse country, so our content is too.

Globally accessible questions and challenges that have been tried and tested with people from around the world.

Keeping our environmental impact low is easier for virtually hosted events – so the green conscious employees will thank you!

For virtual events our carbon footprint is next to nothing. There are typically no additional materials needed from attendees and no paper required. The same energy usage as any Teams or Zoom meeting.

Team Building that is actually


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